ROYAL PLAY– Mike Chan Solo Exhibition

Royal Play  – Mike Chan 個人畫展
在相對中看出了潛藏的可能,由此 Mike Chan開始一心二元,在正反衝突中創造大世界,以兩個對立的角色為經緯,建築起一個充滿反差的奇妙國度。是火與冰,強與弱,理性與荒謬的化學作用,化身為一幅幅抽離現實的景象, Mike 帶觀者進入了冠冕輝煌的極樂國境。在這裡,無常就是常態,哭與笑同具娛樂性,浪漫也充滿動力,這裡,是由千萬個夢,還要是歡樂的夢交織而成。


Mike Chan 既是插畫家,也是動畫設計師及動畫家。他從小便喜歡作畫,一直以來的藝術靈感源於他對奇特及超現實的影像和環境的鍾愛,每每令他的作品畫面充滿了爆發性和幽默感。 為了對創意藝術的探求,Mike 遠赴英國入讀Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,並於2005年取得 Bachelor degree in Graphic Design及於2007年取得Master degree in Communication design。
Mike 現時除了繪畫之外,並在香港從事多媒體互動設計。

為了今次畫展,Mike邀請Jesse Wong負責文字創作,為畫作賦予有趣而生動的故事,Mike認為“文字和畫作同樣玩味十足,而且十分抽象,有時畫像會突如其來向你傳遞訊息,但很多時候,你只需慢慢用心去感受它。“

Royal Play –  Mike Chan Solo Exhibition
With two distinctive characters and nonlinear narrative, Mike Chan creates a wonderland of fascinating contrasts. It is Fire vs. Ice. Power vs. Vulnerable. Serious vs. Ridiculous. Using surreal images, Mike explores intriguing contradictions and takes us all into a world of glory and immortality. Where everything is unexpected, sometimes sad and always entertaining. It’s romantic, intense and energetic. It’s a million dreams intertwined. Most importantly, it’s silly and fun.

You’re invited to come live with them, play with them.
Before entering this magical realm, there’s only one thing you need to understand:
Don’t try to understand anything. Your heart already knows. It’ll take you there.
About the artist:
Mike Chan, painter, animator, motion-graphic designer and illustrator.

Mike discovered a passion for drawing at a young age. Since then, he has always been obsessed with funny and surreal images. Throughout the years, Mike has developed an explosive and quirky style. His use of colors, space, compositions and unique marks inject life and a truly one-of-a-kind style into his work. His passion for creativity and desire to explore different cultures led him to the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in 2005 and a Master degree in Communication Design in 2007. Alongside his personal drawings and projects, Mike currently works as a multi-media interactive designer in Hong Kong.

For this exhibition, Mike teamed up with writer Jesse Wong to add an interesting twist to the images with delightful stories. “The words are just as playful [as the drawings]. They’re abstract. Sometimes it’s the feeling the image conveys and most of the time you just have to feel it.” Mike

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