Mike Chan 陳承芳

Mike Chan, animator, motion-graphic designer and illustrator.
Obsessed about funny and surreal images as well as landscape, Mike has developed an explosive and quirky style in his work. His desire to explore the creative world and different mix of cultures led him to the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Mike graduated with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in 2005 and a Master degree in Communication design in 2007.
He fully embraces the art of moving image and the joys of still drawing. His passion from art and design to various form of visual as well as his previous experiences in various music video to art-video projects made him an expert in the field.
His works included a collaboration with the British leather bag designer, Ally Capellino- the Wrapping Project, the ‘A is for Ally’ installation, which consists of video exhibited in ‘ Design is simply complex’ from London design festival. In 2009 ,Mike has participated in the video design for Take That The Circus Tour and Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium Tour whileworking in Onedotzero industry- a contemporary, digital arts organization in UK.


Solo Exhibition

2012 Royal Play – l’apres-midi

陳承芳Mike Chan 既是插畫家,也是動畫設計師及動畫家。他的藝術靈感源於他對奇特及超現實影像和處境的鍾愛,每每令他的作品畫面充滿了爆發性和幽默感。 為了對創意藝術的探求,Mike 遠赴英國入讀Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,並於2005年取得 Bachelor degree in Graphic Design及於2007年取得Master degree in Communication design。
畢業後Mike 嘗試探索不同的創意藝術媒介,從錄像到繪畫都熱情投入 , 更令他參與了音樂錄像及藝術錄影等不同的製作領域。
Mike 的創作包括了和英國著名皮具設計師Ally Capellino 合作的Wrapping Project,’A is for Ally’的裝置設計,當中包括了於倫敦設計展展出的‘Designe is simply complex’錄像。於2009年更隨所從事的英國數碼藝術公司Onedotzero參與Take That The Circus Tour及Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium Tour的音樂會錄像設計。



2012 Royal Play – l’apres-midi晏晝畫廊

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