Tik Ka 迪嘉

Tik Ka, Hong Kong artist, he has co-operated with some well-known brands and creative units for different crossover and artistic projects, included 7-eleven, Heineken Beer, Coca-Cola, Nestle coffee, ODM ,Plaza Hollywood, Metro City, One2Free, Metro City, Japanese creativity team – DEVILROBOTS, Singapore creation unit – Play Imaginative, etc.

As all known that Haw Par Villa is one of the Hong Kong’s historical sites, in which the Tiger Balm Garden is famous by decorating with Chinese fable character’s statues. Tikka who loves deeply in the Chinese fables, was accompanied by his mother to the Haw Par Villa to play many times in childhood, what a pity the villa was dismantled and changed into the personal property nowadays. Tikka hopes to create a “Wonderland“ with Chinese flavor, to reserve the place where once gave him many unforgettable recollections in childhood, and to retain the childhood happy time forever, just like to keep the moment that he played in the Haw Par Villa, no more than pure, joyful and dream.

TikKa’s works of art is well-known by wrapping the Chinese paintings and heroes of life histories and stories from the Chinese folk up with fresh, lovable and smiling-face cartoon characters. The characters will come alive in canvas and in the three-dimensional artistic creation, which will put on a lively colored clothing for the Eastern tradition. Tikka hopes to deliver an optimistic, positive, free and easy thinking to audiences by those different characters and stories in his “Wonderland”, particularly opens a gate of the China traditional culture for the young generation, and lets the Chinese myth and folklore can continue to be inheritance..

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Journey to Fairyland, Hong Kong
2010  Journey to Your Soul , Hong Kong
2009  Journey to the East , Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions
2011  HK ART comics 2011, Hong Kong
2010  「正」藝術畫展‧奧畫廊, Hong Kong

迪嘉,香港畫家,2007年開始藝術創作生涯,期間曾與香港商業電台、7-eleven、喜力啤酒、可口可樂、Nescafe、荷里活廣場、 One2Free電訊、新都城中心 、 日本DEVILROBOTS 、新加坡創作單位Play Imaginative等等合作藝術創作項目。


迪嘉的作品以活潑可愛、繽紛豐富的色彩見稱,將中國年畫、民間傳說人物及故事塑造出清新可愛、笑臉迎人的卡通造型,活現於油畫布及立體的藝術創作上,為東方傳統披上一件活潑的彩衣。迪嘉更希望透過他的 「Wonderland」 將樂觀正面的灑脫思想宣揚開去,尤其是為年青一代打開中國傳統文化之門,讓中國神話及民間傳說,能夠繼續承傳。


2011 童遊記,香港
2010  心遊記 ,香港
2009 東遊記 ,香港

2011 HK ART comics 2011,香港
2010 「正」藝術畫展‧奧畫廊,香港


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