Portraits of creeps – Ross Sit first solo exhibition

l’après-midi 晏晝畫廊的第一個畫展,亦將是怪奇創作人薛傳善的首個個人展。 Ross 別具用心的選用不同色彩的原子筆細膩描繪出每個人皮膚底下潛藏的怪異本性,可笑詼諧背後是令人毛骨悚然的真實,是名符其實的 Portraits of creeps。
Ross 修讀於美國,回港後從事廣告,現為自由工作者,以換取更多時間創作,並已和大街合作出版書籍 “一百態”。 Portraits of creeps 將於11月12日至12月3日,星期二至六下午2時至6時於 l’après-midi 晏晝畫廊展出,歡迎到臨欣賞。


This is the first exhibition of l’apres-midi, and also the first solo exhibition for Ross Sit. Unlike many artists, Ross chooses ball pen as his tool to unveil the inner side of a human. Through detail dots and lines, every human becomes a creep.
Ross studied in US and worked in HK in advertising. He has published a book “100 portraits” in 2009.  Portraits of creeps will be held from 2-6pm Tue to Sat, 12 Nov to 3 Dec, at l’apres-midi, No. 2 King Street, Tai Hang. Welcome to the creep show.

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