Ming, born in Hong Kong. Freelance artist and illustrator. Graduated in Designfirst Institute of Art and Design. Then he worked as a computer illustrator and in advertising. To pursue for his big dream in the art world, Ming has moved to Shanghai, where the modern and traditional culture of the city has great influence on his works. He mainly use computer as a medium of drawing and creation.

MING, 香港自由藝術工作者,插畫家。畢業於大一設計學院 ,其後從事於廣告創作及電腦插畫, 但都未能滿足其對藝術的追求。 MING 現旅居上海,以一個香港人的身分於新舊上海文化衝擊的氛圍下尋找啟發,並以電腦作為繪畫媒體及藝術創作。

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