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隨著l’après-midi晏晝畫廊的作者和作品藏量日漸增加,我們亦開始積極地進行不同形式的宣傳。我們將會於10月31日星期一晚上8時至9時,在非主流網上廣播平台 ‘Radiodada’ AdSStalk 講港廣節目內和主持們談談 l’après-midi 晏晝畫廊嘗試顛覆傳統畫廊的意念,屆時並會連同將於下個月在本畫廊進行首個個人展覽 Portraits of Creeps 的 Ross Sit,一起在節目內講解他所創造出來的 Creeps 的內心世界。


‘Radiodada’ is the first and only creative channel and alternatives online boardcasting platform in Hong Kong. And we are invited to the programme AdSStalk at 20:00-21:00 Monday, 31 Oct to talk about the difference between l’après-midi and the traditional art gallery. We will appear in the show together with Ross Sit, who will talk about his first solo exhibition Portraits of Creeps at l’après-midi next month.

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